PopGeek Thank You Bundles #6 & #7

PopGeek Thank You Bundle #6 Mystery CHASE 12-Pak

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Hey PopGeeks,

It’s a new year and time to continue our Thank You Mystery Bundles. 

PopGeek Thank You Bundle #6: Mystery Chase 12-Pak is available for $95 plus shipping.

Each 12-Pak of 12 Funko POP!s contains at least one Chase.
Some will have more than one.
Some will have the Chase Gold Astro Boy.
Other big surprises will be randomly distributed.

Funko POP! Chases included: Bob Ross, Tron, Sark, Robot Batman, Black Panther, Erik Killmonger, Razor Ramone, The Rock, Sapper, Iron Sheik, Finn Balor and more.

Other Funko POP! goodies included: Emma Frost, Man-At-Arms, Scooby Dum, Tumblebee, Butterhorn, Anger (exclusive), etc.

12 Funko POP!s for $95.00 with at least one Chase in every bundle


We also have the 6-Pak version for $50 plus shipping.




Both are available in limited numbers, don’t miss your chance to add to your collection with these great deals! New items added every day.