Spider-Man (First Appearance) (Metallic) HT Exclusive


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Funko releases another metallic variant of spider man. Finish is fantastic and metallic really brings out the finishing

Spider-Man First Appearance Metallic 80th Anniversary Funko Pop! Vinyls marvel

Hot Topic Exclusive, Comes with Special Edition sticker


Brief background on Peter Parker aka Spider man

A bite from a crawler somehow granted adolescent Peter Parker its arachnid potentials. Instead of utilizing all of them for a private increase, he determined to assist others with all of them. An orphan living with his aunt, May Parker, the child selected to wear a disguise while battling crime, so as not to burden her with his actions.

Calling themself Spider-Man and sporting a set of web-shooting tools he will build, Parker ended up in online internet videos, which attracted the attention of Tony Stark. The billionaire industrialist gathered Spider-Man’s top-secret identification as well as moved toward Parker at his and Might’s home in Queens, The Big Apple along with a request for assistance coming from the hero in a forthcoming confrontation with the Leader United States and also a team of other rogue Avengers as well as colleagues. Parker was originally afraid to even confess his top-secret job as Spider-Man; however, the adventure of a journey and Stark’s talk of obligation attracted him in, and he accepted the invitation and a brand-new, sophisticated costume as well as web-shooters.


Funko Pop! Vinyls marvel