Santa’s Grab Bag Mystery Chase 12-Pak Bundle

PopGeek Santa's Grab Bag Mystery Chase 12-Pak

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PopGeek presents our biggest bundle ever:
Santa’s Grab Bag Mystery Chase 12-Pak

Each “grab bag”* of 12 Funko POP!s contains at least one Chase.
Some will have more than one.
Some will have the Chase Gold Astro Boy.
And two will get big surprises: one 2016 Funkoween Elvira and one 2013 SDCC James Rhodes will be randomly distributed.

Funko POP! Chases included: Bob Ross, Tron, Sark, Robot Batman, Black Panther, Erik Killmonger, Razor Ramone, The Rock, Sapper, Iron Sheik, Finn Balor and more.

Other Funko POP! goodies included: Emma Frost, Man-At-Arms, Scooby Dum, Tumblebee, Butterhorn, Anger (exclusive), etc.

12 Funko POP!s for $99.00 At least one Chase in every “grab bag”*!

Order here:

*The terms grab bag and bag are used for marketing purposes, these bundles will be boxed and double boxed to insure safe delivery.